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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Randolf Won

I had just arrived home from Galera and was still a bit stuck up when Pangee told me Randolf is on the television. I was surprised coz I know his bilog ang mundo ad stopped airing when summer ended. It turns out he was a contestant at K! The One-million-peso Videoke Challenge on GMA.

He does look different on TV than in person prolly because of his goatee and hint of moustache which he shaves when he's going on air to achieve that boyish charm over his signature arrogant image in real life. He's so different from the image he projects in his ads, like, he'd never be too shy to introduce himself to a girl which means he doesn't need to fall off a hammock and hurt himself.

He won P65,000 and an entertainment package for his mommy. Pop said, "Akala ko ba mayabang yan eh mukha naman mabait ah" to which I replied, "Syempre noh, alangan naman mag-yabangyabangan siya sa harap ni Jolina". hihihi... Yeah, Pop knows about him and his arrogant ways. Pop's my ultimate confidante. *wink*

Anyway, with or without goatee and arrogant or boyish, Randolf Stamatelaky is oh-so-effin HOT! *blush* I shoulda let him harrass me when I had the chance. Hihihi... [FYI, his dad is Greek. Remember Niko and his Greek super-hard-to-remember name?]

The photos shown above are Randolf in the boat on our way to Batangas from Galera last May 16. He almost fell off the boat when it was getting ready to dock. Sayang! That woulda been an unforgettable sight.

Here is a couple of stolen photos I took of Randolf when he passed out in the bus back to Manila. Abe and I were talking about how adorable Randolf looked when asleep. He seems... like a baby.

Randolf won. He won in the videoke challenge and he won in making me like him. After all the nasty things that happened, I finally like him. Just the way he is.

Since we are on the topic of Randolf and Galera, lemme post my pics in Galera with Abe during Galera II.

Click to enlarge image

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

CSI season finale was on last night in AXN. I was debating with Mylabs over YM whether it was any good or not. He thinks the former, I, the latter. His status says "CSI finale - best episode ever!" I beg to differ.

So, Quentin Tarantino directed it. There were many points I'd like to tackle. First, why the heck did the CSI team not think of mock money as ransom? When the kidnapper blew himself up, I didn't think of Grissom's first thought, "He blew himself up and left us with nothing", instead, I thought of the $1,000,000.00 flying everywhere. What was he so worried about? They've solved innumerable crimes from scratch.

How did Warrick figure out that the light goes off whenever they aren't watching? Ah, Nick squirms everytime Warrick clicks the watch button. Good enough.

Is there such device as the one used by the kidnapper for the camera feed? All I saw was a USB flash disk and voila, the CSI headquarters was viewing their own agent locked up in a glass coffin. If Grisson saw the ant in relative proportion crawling on the glass outside the coffin, how come Nick couldn't see the camera? The camera must have been positioned not touching the glass. Then, how come the glass was Über clear when they were watching as if it was right in front of Nick considering the dirt was shoveled directly on the coffin?

When CSI reached the plantation grounds where they suspected Nick was buried, how come only Cath had that tracking device for the webcam feed? Do they only have one? Shouldn't they have used all resources considering the time pressure they were in to find Nick?

When they found the spot, how come the agents looked on patiently? Shouldn't they have been fidgety and nervous and tearsome?

When Warrick's watch alarm set off signifying the oxygen in the casket have been used up, did he really have to stop shovelling to throw a saddened look at Grissom? Shouldn't he been more motivated to shovel faster? Why were they even worried of the oxygen being all used up? So what if the fan battery died? Oxygen would still pass enter the casket through the pipes.

Lastly, when they pulled Nick out, what was the point of having the dirt placed over him when the explosives went off, anyway?

I wouldn't have paid more attention to details and simply enjoyed the plot if the episode weren't as sensationalized and publicized as it was. I'm sure all the previous episodes had loopholes but which I overlooked because it IS for entertainment purposes. But when they announced the season finale would be a two-hour special directed by THE Quentin Tarantino, I expected more. Oh well.

The CSI PC game's final case is the kidnapping of Grissom. That would have made a better season finale.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Isang Palaisipan


ang kumain ng kaning lamig sa mesa?
ang nagtago ng kabilang pares ng aking tsinelas?
ang nag-ubos ng tubig sa timba sa banyo?
ang tinutukoy ni Ludwig na nais makipagkita sa akin sa Biyernes?
ang nagsasabing may pag-asa pa ang gobyerno at ekonomiya ng Pilipinas?
ang gustong pumunta ng dentista?
ang nagtapon ng toothpick kong pangalikot sa tenga?
ang patuloy na nagpapadala ng bastos na mensahe sa aking cellphone?
ang nag-iwang bukas ang pinto ng bahay kagabi?
ang napakagaling at napakagwapong manlalangoy na si Dragos Coman?
ang hindi nagpatay ng ilaw nung natulog?
ang sumusuko na sa kanyang buhay-pagibig?
ang tunay na nakakakilala sa akin?


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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's Hard being a Girl

But most of the time, funn. [With apologies to the equally-ripper Bayo]

I wore my golden gown to Chevy's debut. You know, the one I wore to the brods' convention in Cebu which Lex said made me look like a wedding sponsor. How's that for a compliment from your pseudo-boyfriend after being dolled up for two hours, huh?

I was supposed to borrow a gown from Kate but it turned out that I have heavier hips than her. That is why I was super surprised when model-physiqued Rossel's hips are the same as mine. She lent me a skirt for the after-party because both she and Chevy somewhat forgot to clue me in on the after-party plans so I did not bring extra clothes.

I love my golden gown. It makes me feel all regale and sophisticato.

[Disclaimer: Boys, you may want to stop reading right here if you don't want to be grossed out by raw girl talk.]

My disaster for that night was that my period decided to come. So therefore, my emotional episode last week WAS because of PMS. Stupid me, amidst the hustle-bustle of the preparations and the fact that I was running late, forgot to bring an extra pad; make that extra padS.

Where would I have found sanitary napkins in Intramuros?! My twin brought her box of tampons.

Tampons are the innovative plugs for menstruation that the western culture has been using for decades to avoid females from feeling like babies with diapers but has not yet reached the prude Filipino culture. It involves inserting the applicator to the vagina and pushing in the tampon. Some, however, do not come with an applicator so the finger has to be used to push the tampon in for about two to three inches deep into the vagina. It has a string to pull it out when done.

I was like a virgin. *snicker*

I'm sticking with my Whisper, though. I figured as liberated I may be for Pinoy Big Brother, I'm not comfy with an alien object deep inside me.

I'm craving for lots and lots of chocolates! Can't get enough sweets since Sunday. Damn hormones.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Be a Star

Last Saturday in Malate, right after Rossel, Chevy and I got off the cab, three persons approached us. They introduced themselves as talent scouts for Abs-Cbn's new reality show Pinoy Big Brother.

They asked us if we were liberated, confident and comfortable in wearing a bikini. We were like, duh! But the clinchers are Chevy's only here for a vacation which means she'll be leaving on August 6 and Rossel's 15 so she's a minor which leaves the shortlist with only me.

I remember when my friends and I were approached in Ipanema by this talent scout for Starstruck. hihihi...

Anyway, the guy Von called this afternoon and asked to confirm if I'll be able to make it to the studio tomorrow at 5:30 for the audition. Uh... I don't think so. But, I said yes.

I don't know... I'm just not... confident enough, I guess. Besides, I don't think show business is the business for me. I'm content in being a star in my own li'l world. I don't need to be on TV.

This star shines for those who continously see the sparkle.^_^

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Eighteen IS the age to be

So, Chevy's debut to adulthood was celebrated last night in Patio Victoria. Lud didn't go but, odd enough, his mum and sister were there so I got to catch up with them for a li'l bit. Tita Edith [Lud's Mum] almost didn't recognize me but it struck her upon hearing my name. Even more odd, prior to last night, we never went beyond hi's and hello's and have you eaten yet's. It was good.

I finally met my twin's parents and they were as I imagined them. Cool, hip and funn. I had so much fun.

For Chevy's 18 treasures/butterflies, I gave her a charm bracelet inspired by If Only. hihihi. Oh, I now remember what the stone is called - Rose Quartz a.k.a. Love Stone! ^_^

The following are the charms and their corresponding meaning:

Sun - for Chevy's sunny personality and her love for the sun
Angel - coz friends are angels.
Flip-flops/slippers - for Chevy's love for these which reflects her happy-go-lucky, low maintenance fashion style and also coz she's one heck of a gimikera.
Butterfly - coz I love butterflies [ButterfLoi] and so Chevy'll bring me with her anywhere she goes.
Leaf - stands for L as in the boy who started our friendship.

After the party, we went to CG but didn't stay long coz the crowd isn't the same anymore. It HAS become too ghetto. Plus, Chevy and Rossel were too beat up to work the ledge.

We hanged out at Starbucks instead. We chatted for a while and decided to call it night coz I couldn't help yawning already.

At the hotel, I received a quite weird call. It was 4AM. Roduta calling...

But this is supposed to be a happy post so I'll wait a while before blogging about the issue.

We woke up at 10:30 AM, had brunch in Hap Chang and checked out of the hotel at 12 noon. Now I'm home. I'll meet them later coz they're going to Pilar.

I had a disaster last night but I'll blog about it also in another post.

I remember my own debut celebration and I miss Astro terribly.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005


fLoi enjoy is in ! *blush* Don't jinx it, silly. Oh my, someone may have already did. *sad*

I'm still playing Oscar, though. Grouchy groucho. My sense of humor and patience have quietly gone out to get a pastrami on rye. Come back! Come back! *crabby*

If yesterday weren't proof of my dedication to work, I don't know what is. So, I missed the outing to Pansol. It turned out to be a wise decision. At the very last minute, Boss's travel buddy backed out so we had to rebook his ticket to another passenger and the airline was going to charge us $ 50.00. That's a Two Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Peso-penalty for fickle-mindedness. I charmed my way out of the charge. *batting eyelashes*

Also, the owner of Burgundy Tower finally heeded our demands for the office space. If everything went well, I should be a Makati girl by next month. *excitement*

We are going to send a lawyer to deal with the motha-effin' supervisor in DTI who's playing big boss and wouldn't approve our registration for a new business name. We're not backing down until we get what we want, Mister. How's that for corporate philosophy, huh? Persistence is the pass to every red tape. *amen* Government employees can sometimes be too... arrogant for their incompetence. *scoff*

Vea made me sign up for *Multiply*. Someone finally convinced me to to just that. I have only uploaded the photos Tins emailed me from Leng's birthday, though. There's nothing much to see. Go visit here. *begging*

Lastly, before I go, let me send out much love to kevin_alphonsus. [hihi found your blog through Tiepee's. *belat*] You're the very first to tell me that and I'm quite flattered. *blush* Rest assured, I'm here to stay. *wink*


It was Jowein's painstaking observation that words become emotions when enclosed with asterisks. *see*

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Critically-acclaimed Shanghai Lily

My ass.

Rossel celebrated her birthday last night in a resort in Pansol and I was supposed to go but Boss is leaving for Dallas tomorrow so I couldn't take a leave today to make final arrangements and take down last-minute projects. Chevy tried to convince me into going by telling me Elaine is going back to Manila early in the morning; but, I've gone to one too many outings in Pansol to know that although I do get back to Manila in time for work, I won't be any good `coz I won't be able to sleep a z. I'd be a walking zombie.

Last night, while the girls frolicked in cold pool water, I went to meet CB in Galleria to catch a movie. We chose among Fantastic Four, Herbie, Pinoy/Blonde. We ended up with Shanghai Lily because I've had an inclination to R-rated films since I turned 18. hihihi. Little nympho.

As you can see with my review of If Only that I'm not a good critic. I cannot even be considered A critic. So it's only apt to criticize Shanghai Lily which is not a good movie and cannot even be considered A movie.

The movie revolves around the death of an American businessman in Shanghai, China. His wife Helen goes to Shanghai to investigate. Along the investigation, she meets a Chinese detective, a concubine named (Shanghai) Lily, Madame Tong - the owner of the whorehouse Hollywood Club where her husband was killed, and an opium-addict ex-whore. She fell in love and lust with another American Alex who she thought would help her forget her husband.

I suppose the main theme of the movie is sex, money and power as it says on the posters but it wasn't effectively depicted. All the viewer shall see are naked Chinese bodies and the annoyingly perpetual half-smile on Helen's face be she crying or orgasmic or terrified.

The biggest joke in the movie would be that every whore speaks english quite eloquently, even with the signature Oriental accent. They never seemed to grope for the right term. The punchline would be that there was a certain customer who the whore said was "stinking rich" but did not understand english. Hahaha! How credible.

Whatever Robinson's Cinemas reason was for showing this movie and misleading the movie-goers into a shitty movie by sticking a "Exclusive showing at Robinson's Cinemas" I don't care to know. Just that, I would watch Live Show or Lupe or Bugbog Sarado over it anytime. In fairness to R-rated Filipino movies, the actors do know better acting than the Chinese poseurs.


Natalie Wood of West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause would have been celebrating her 67th birthday today if not for her tragic drowning on Thanksgiving 1981. I've seen her bio in The Mystery of Natalie Wood on Hallmark twice and it pulled a string on my heart both times, though I haven't seen any of her movies. Her life is one big tragedy.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I've been tad too touchy these past few days. Para akong kanin na nanlalata. I'm too fragile. I feel like I'd easily snap at anyone. I already have to two. Tsk tsk! I can't be around people. I suppose all I need now is some me time. I just want to stay in bed and read Mary Higgins Clark's Remember Me. I'm already done with Stephen King's Misery. I think it's sick to be reading dark novels when I'm in a damp mood. But I'm sick and weird and eccentric that way.

I was watching HBO last night and About Schmidt was on. Too bad the urge to read was stronger than the urge to watch. What the hey, it's HBO. I betcha it'll be shown again before the week ends.

Perhaps I'm feeling nostalgic; hence, the damp mood. I'll never forget Cebu, Floi. I betcha won't. But you didn't say you'll never forget me so I suppose it's fair when you do. I'm longing to go back to Cebu. Maybe it's because I saw Nilo, Miguel, Melvir and Bogart again last Thursday in Diliman, or because I saw Carla and Angee again last Saturday in 65B. Maybe. Cebu is my island of love. Was.

Perhaps this is PMS. God, I hope it is. May and June came and went without carrying the red flag. I wouldn't want to experience what happened in April again. Nah-uh.

Perhaps this is because of my lingering tonsilitis and the agitation I feel towards its condition. It's becoming worse. Still, I have not seen a doctor. The doctor will have to come to me when I'm bedridden already.

Speaking of which, I saw the video of South Border's Sweet with Jinky Vidal [I wonder if she's related to Ton-To] on Myx last night and what do you know, it was shot in BED! Ain't that fab? One look at the circular aquarium sofa and disco ball and I KNEW it was shot in BED.

Today, I laughed a bit and it brightened up my mood a little. A little goes a long way. I'd want you all to laugh with me so do check this video out. I took out my beautiful background music for this one so make sure to turn your speakers up loud.


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Monday, July 18, 2005

If Only...

The tagline goes "What if... life gives you a second chance... to love the one you lost?"

I watched this with Rozl and Francis yesterday. Here's my $ 0.50 worth.

At the end of the movie, I could only think of one thing: the movie is unfair. Spoiler alert! Highlight to read. *wink*

[The movie starts with a typical day for couple Samantha (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Ian (Paul Nicholls); or so they thought. Ian encounters an odd cab ride where the driver knows certain particulars about Ian and coaxed him into "appreciating" Samantha. At the end of the day, the couple breaks up over dinner, Samantha gets on a cab [the same cab Ian was on] and dies in a car crash. Ian dozes off that night hugging Samantha's diary [There's always someone in a relationship who loves more. God I hope it's not me].

Ian, still hugging the diary, awakens the next morning to Samantha saying "Read one word and I'll kill you." He was startled at first but brushed off the previous day as a dream, a deja vu. Little by little, the events in his "dream" followed through. After, finally, catching a pool cue ball with his left hand, he believed the "dream" wasn't a dream at all but a premonition. He looked for Samantha and was firm on giving her the best day of her life since in his premonition, it was her last. The movie concludes with the same scene in the hospital, only this time, instead of Ian weeping on a chair, Samantha was on the bed, bruised and weeping. Ian got in the cab with Samantha and saved her life.

Most people would choose to die ahead of their loved one instead of mourning over their loved one's death. It's selfish in a way. Giving up one's life for another IS selfish. Ian confessed it himself. When asked by the cab driver, he answered he could never bear to live without Samantha. This statement alone implies that he would rather be dead than to live without her. Hence, in the end, he died to give Samantha her life. It was almost suicide because he knew the cab would be in a car crash.

The movie is unfair because Ian subjected Samantha to a lifetime of grief and guilt. Samantha would definitely never get over the trauma of the experience. Imagine, you boyfriend giving you the best day of your life and, then, dying at the end of it. Ian didn't tell Samantha that the aweful event of the day was, in fact, her death. She would only think that what Ian saw in his premonition of sorts was his own death.

On the other hand, the movie is anti-chauvinistic. It celebrates feminine strength and power. It shows that womyn are better in dealing with grief. The girl dying is such a tragedy to reverse and makes for an interesting plot while the guy dying makes for a good ending for a movie. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

However, I'd give the movie a 9 out of 10. Great script, amazing setting and smooth character execution. It's a movie. It's a film. Watch! Watch!

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tonchilychees & UP

Ugh. My tonsils have been red, swollen and sore since Tuesday. Coinky dinkily, I bought a new wallet last week and found the old prescription from the doctor in my old wallet.

I last had tonsilitis in March 2003. How I vividly remember that day when Rozl accompanied me to the Infirmary in UPLB. The doctor was cute, though I can't remember his name, and he was taken aback when I stuck out my tongue and he saw my blue tongue stud. We flirted a bit but it's so difficult to coo when your throat is coarse and scratchy. He prescribed Ceporex as antibiotics and Mefenamic Acid as painkiller. He instructed ten days but I remember taking the meds only until I could no longer the pain which was about three days later.

Back to the present, I was supposed to buy Ceporex again but it wasn't available in Mercury so they suggested Cefalin. I took one at 2 PM last Tuesday and by 3 PM, I could imagine the meds at work, killing all those nasty Streptococci. I took Paracetamol for my rising fever and Revalan for the sore. I drifted off to Lalaland on my desk and was awakened by Grace. She was supposed to go with me to Healthway Shang `coz our insurance covers free check-up but we arrived at 6:30 and the receptionist said the doctors only hold clinic until 7. WTF?! I was dying there.

I never went to see a doctor and I'm doing perfectly fine now. I plan to finish the ten days medication, though, to avoid recurrence. I'm mighty terrified of heart diseases and what-have-yous.

What could have caused my infection? I'm guessing that stick of Lucky Strike I found in my undies closet on Monday night which I burned although I can't even remember when it got there. Cigarettes expire also, I now realize. Or maybe, the culprit was that pipe the brods and I used last Friday night in Diliman. Or maybe, it was that kiss last Saturday. Whichever it is, this is just proof that I Wonder Bag gets ill too.

I'm so glad I'm feeling better now. Tonight, we celebrate. Happy Beerday, my dear bwods! ^_^

By some odd stroke of fate, Chevy has sore throat also. Remember the rashes?

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Golden Gate Scandal


Alam na... [part two]

Chevy did a great job with telling the story so I'll let her do the blogging...

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Monday, July 11, 2005


Here we go, Leng...^_^

three names you go by:
1. Floi
2. Buloi
3. Floi enjoy ^_^

three screen names you have had:
1. betan_belle
2. skirts_are_for_flirts
3. chick_so_fine ^_^

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. eyes
2. hips
3. butt ^_^

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. eyebags
2. hands
3. toes

three parts of your heritage:
1. filipino
2. spanish
3. american

three things that scare you:
1. ignorance
2. old age
3. eeky crawling insects [especially roaches!!! ew.]

three of your everyday essentials:
1. cellphone
2. shower gel & shampoo [they go together]
3. yosi kadiri >_<

three of your favorite musical artists:
1. madonna
2. mariah carey
3. Bob Marley ^_^

three of your favorite songs:
1. Waiting in Vain - Bob Marley
2. Too Close - Next
3. Til I hear it from you - Gin Blossoms [at marami pang iba. actually, it's easier to ask which three songs aren't my fave.^_^]

three things you want in a relationship:
1. affection
2. unconditional love [i.e. without explanations whatsoever]
3. surprises ^_^

three lies and truths in no particular order:

1. I'm a girl.
2. First love never dies.
3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

1. Truth hurts but the truth will set you free.
2. What people say does not define who we are; rather, it defines who they are.
3. Family first. ^_^

three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:
1. eyes
2. lips
3. hair

three of your favorite hobbies:
1. blogging
2. watching movies
3. clubbing

three things you want to do really badly now:
1. sleep
2. fall in love
3. talk to Voldemort

three careers you're considering/you've considered:
1. prosecution lawyer [coz i'm really good in proving people guilty even when they're innocent]
2. forensic/genetic scientist [coz my imagination is very well coordinated with my senses]
3. investigative journalist [coz i have a flair for unearthing deep dark secrets]

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. paris
2. japan
3. new york

three kid's names you like:
1. erythe [niece]
2. lady [my favorite niece]
3. gian [very first nephew]

three things you want to do before you die:
1. write a socially-moving article/expose
2. see the eight wonders of the world
3. have a family [that's my mushy side showing]

three ways that you are stereotypically a boy:
1. on a date, leave heart at home. just bring genitalia.
2. don't be too clingy when you're with me.
3. bring on the alcohol! ^_^

three ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
1. "when we get married..." me thinks after meeting a guy ^_^
2. can't go anywhere without my kikay stuff
3. i actually giggle. [as in hihihihi giggle. ask chevy. she's quite amused.]

three celeb crushes:
1. josh hartnett
2. ashton kutcher
3. mike vogel

my turn to tag...

three people that i would like to see take this quiz:
1. franz
2. abi
3. cheenee

gusto ko five eh:
4. chevy
5. joycee

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blame it on Stress, Maybe

One, Two...
(Damn! These last two are huge.)
Three, Four...

Four zits sitting on my forehead.

Moi! The girl who has breakouts as frequent as a nun cusses.



As of last Tuesday, I am officially every girlfriend's worst nightmare. Whatever happened in Elmer's birthday party stays there.

All I can say is I'm so proud `coz i have a real man as a friend. He'll stand by me no matter what. He wouldn't ask me to lie to his girlfriend to cover up his naughty deeds. He wouldn't pathetically beg me to not defend myself from another girl's tongue-lashing. Most of all, he wouldn't try to vindicate his actions using the lamest explanations.

Whapak! Oh, it's not a proverb. It's actually part of the credo. YOUR credo.


"May boyfriend ka ba?"
"Kase, sa huli, inaaway ako nung mga girlfriend ng mga nagiging boyfriend ko eh."
*throaty laughter*
"Huwag ka mag-alala. Ako, walang girlfriend. Promise."
"Talaga lang huh? Yan na yan ang linya nila eh."

Blue's Clues: San Beda. GP. Med Student. FEU. Altis. MG. Go figure!

In short, he's back.


Eto, let's destress.

Eto pa.

Okeiii. You can laugh at my emo-gay rock&roll-poser ass now.

Ano beh!? Walang pakelamanan. Blame it on stress. Maybe.

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Monday, July 04, 2005


If today were yesterday and tomorrow were today,
there is no need to despair
for the promise of sunset
shall be fulfilled
sleep shall bring to reality
all the fantasies that Dr. Seuss sees
from the other end of the telescope.

It must be sufficient to fuel
the zest
to try again should tomorrow
becomes today.

To try what again?

Why, LIFE, what else?

A crippled author under the mercy of his deranged supposed number one fan swallows Novril to watch the tide rise and drown the pilings, even for six hours.

It would be a shame if we don't ourselves.

I still have Mr. Sniffles.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Empie-Four Seasons-Sprite

My head still hurts from what I drank last night at Leng's party. Everybody, spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E. The best parties do not have to include a long guest list and loud music. It's all in the hostess. Kudos!^_^

At some point, presumably when the alcohol has kicked in, everybody was in the pool IN THEIR CLOTHES. I was. I went home this morning wearing wet undies. Good thing Tins, Chevy and I were in the same size as Leng. Otherwise, we would've went home wearing wet everything.

O Leng, I'll let everyone else laugh with us. "From you're where?" ^_^ I think it's funny "Friend" will remember me as the girl who asked him this line.

I've the colds but it's all worth it.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

To the Artsy-Fartsy Filipino Film Junkies

July 9, Saturday
pelikula @ titus brandsma
Titus Brandsma Center
24 Acacia St.,
New Manila, QC

1:00 PM

(2005, 15 mins.)
By Nich Retz Perez

A comic philosophical take on the meaning of life and the metaphorical pieces of shit of existence. Features a broken-hearted imaginative student and an enigmatic Philosophy professor (Peque Gallaga).

(2005, 7 mins.)
By Rene Durian

A visual elegy to wayward loves and mistaken romances at a turning point in the beloved's life, set to classical music by Puccini.

(2005, 14 mins.)
By Neil Colangco and Lorena Martinez

A zany tale played in broad comic strokes about a young man's psychological and physical dilemma, as gender confusion rears its perplexed head and rampaging hormones take no prisoners.

(2004, 34 mins.)
By Rommel 'Milo' Tolentino

A beguiling, moody escapade of a boy and his new friend, cavorting under the sun by the seashore and by a lighthouse that holds its own secrets. A subtle film on one of today's social concerns.

(2005, 14 mins.)
By Emilio Montelibano Jr.

An adventure film about four youths waiting by the seaside, presented in a maverick style that suits the story's masculine sensibilities and touching on another timely subject matter.

(2005, 14 mins.)
By Remuel Gellegani

A heartwarming documentary on a single mother's daily struggles to support her family, told from her point of view and by persons around her. A fine example of grassroots filmmaking, produced by homegrown talents in the municipality of Guimbal, Iloilo.

Feature Film:

(1986, 150 mins.)
Screenplay by ARMANDO LAO

A psychosexual chamber piece that takes a piercing look into human behavior, this remarkable gem of a film is distinguished by its sharply-written script, subtle direction, superb characterization and richly-textured production design. Jaclyn Jose, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Julio Diaz and Gino Antonio star as four friends caught in the complexity of their own libido and relationships.

With some scenes missing during its last public screening in Pelikula at Lipunan 1998, the film will be presented in its integral version, courtesy of Director William Pascual, who will be in attendance.

Winner of six major Urian Awards in 1986: Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actress (Jaclyn Jose), Supporting Actress (Anita Linda), Production Design.


Ayan, informative muna tayo kase hindi pa bumabalik yung drive ko maging personal sa blog. Gusto ko sana pumunta dito at manood kaya lang nagcommit na ko kay Mardk na sasama ako sa pocket concert ng NU sa ATC sa araw na iyon. Eh ako naman, committed talaga sa mga commitments. Ayusss na rin kase Spongecola ang tutugtog eh, makikita ko na naman yung asawa ko.

FYI, Film showings are held every second Saturday of every month so don't be too bummed if you can't make it. There's always the following month.

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Palabras Finales

Remember me when you hear this

sleeps with butterflies ~ tori amos

Airplanes take you away again
Are you flying
Above where we live?
Then I look up a glare in my eyes
Are you having regrets about last night?
I'm not but I like rivers that rush in
So then I dove in
Is there trouble ahead
For you the acrobat?
I won't push you unless you have a net

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite
I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl only sleeps with butterflies
With butterflies
So go on and fly then boy

Look good from on the ground
I fear with pins and needles around
We may fall then stumble
Upon a carousel
It could take us anywhere

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite
I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl, this girl

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite
I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl only sleeps with butterflies
With butterflies
With butterflies
So go on and fly boy

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