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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lud and W.E.G.

It's Ludwig-mania all over again.

To: *Nico*
03-28-2005 8:21 PM
Ei `ney ko, happy anniv!Ü musta ka na?

From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 8:41 PM
Huh anong aniv? Nye hehehe

To: *Nico*
03-28-2005 8:42 PM
Hahaha ungas ka nakalimutan mo na?!Ü ung kinagat kita tapos hinulog mo ko sa kama hahaha!Galera tayo sa saturday!Ü

From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 8:44 PM
Yoko kkalis ko lang last wik galing ako romblon... Sino2 kyo?

To: *Nico*
03-28-2005 8:49 PM
Ay talaga... Sino kasama mo? Umakyat kayo? Sina loiza, 3 girls lang kame... Remember her?

From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 8:57 PM
yup, whole wik ako dun e kya ang hirap n mag paalam

To: *Nico*
03-28-2005 8:58 PM
Wow sarap naman... Eh di ba pag holy week napunta kyong bicol? May bago kang pictures?Ü sarap titigan ng friendster mo, yummy eh hahaha

From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 9:00 PM
Bicol ndi ako ksma e... Nye camera trik lang yun noh wahahaha..

To: *Nico*
03-28-2005 9:02 PM
Ay talaga eh sinong nagdrive, mr. driver?Ü buti pinayagan ka na ndi sumama... Camera trick ba yun? Stig, paturo naman para yummy rin ako hahaha

From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 9:04 PM
Hahaha... Dpt mag bbora nako kso kulang n s time e..

To: *Nico*
03-28-2005 9:08 PM
Ay sayang... Bkit kulang sa time? Eh di sana nagpaiwan ka na lang... Meron brod dun
eh instructor ng wakeboarding... Stig yun nafeature sa sports unlimited

From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 9:12 PM
Oo kilala ko yun pero ok lang dami rn tao dun e.

To: *Nico*
03-28-2005 9:14 PM
Haha eh ano gusto mo, maraming hayop? Malamang holy week dami tao. Eh ang negra ko na nga, nag-Tali kame yest. Hehe btw, kachat ko si chev spring break nya na daw

From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 9:21 PM
Hahaha realy astig... So tuloy kyo nyan sa puerto?

I was supposed to reply:
Yuf! Hanap kame yummy na boys... Hahaha! Sino gf mo ngayon? Tangina, wala na kong boylet... Oist, inuman tayo ulet sometime. Ndi ko na natapos ung ju-on ehÜ

But what do you know...
VALID UNTIL 04/20/2005.

But it's okeiii coz...
From: *Nico*
03-28-2005 10:43 PM
Uy minsan inuman tyo..

Yebah! Here we go again...^_^

It doesn't end there.

areyou_done: yeh mann call lud
areyou_done: ask him to pick u up
cheezypoofs0217: so true
areyou_done: and den take pictures
skirts_are_for_flirts: but i wanna go there when the weird-eyed girl is there
skirts_are_for_flirts: has jennifer seen her?
areyou_done: no
skirts_are_for_flirts: show her!
areyou_done: i dont think she really cares
skirts_are_for_flirts: that makes three of us
areyou_done: but yeh luds new gurl is fugly
skirts_are_for_flirts: hahaha mann you use fugly too
cheezypoofs0217: fugly ehh?
skirts_are_for_flirts: i do too
areyou_done: duh
areyou_done: lol
skirts_are_for_flirts: here we go again
areyou_done: get out of my head!
areyou_done: yeahh well her eyes are like, out of this world
areyou_done: its like gigantic
skirts_are_for_flirts: like crossed-eyed or something
areyou_done: but she looks sleepy
areyou_done: so its a big giant sleep eye
areyou_done: sleepy*
cheezypoofs0217: haahh thats just weird
skirts_are_for_flirts: so it is weird
skirts_are_for_flirts: weird-eyed girl
areyou_done: yeahhhhh!
skirts_are_for_flirts: omg let's call her W.E.G.

*insert ten thousand hahahaha's*

areyou_done: oh, weg is luds nickname
skirts_are_for_flirts: shet i cant stop laughing
areyou_done: dats hwy its reallly funny
areyou_done: ME TOOO
cheezypoofs0217: lud-weg
skirts_are_for_flirts: they're so perfect for each other
areyou_done: WEG AND LUD
skirts_are_for_flirts: lud and weg
skirts_are_for_flirts: im gonna cry
skirts_are_for_flirts: i cant type
areyou_done: dats just too funny
areyou_done: my momt hinks im weird now
areyou_done: cus im like crackin up in here
skirts_are_for_flirts: well im in the office
skirts_are_for_flirts: a quiet office with nothing audible but my giggles
areyou_done: u look even more weird!
skirts_are_for_flirts: i think ima fart if i don't let this out
skirts_are_for_flirts: brb
skirts_are_for_flirts: ima go to the washroom

Then, I lost it. Totally lost it. Good thing boss has already called it a day. I had to go to the washroom to recollect myself from the stifled laughter.

Danng, I love girl talk. Make that bitch talk. Biatches dominate.

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Monday, March 28, 2005


muli namang umihip sa akin
ang hangin ng pagiisa
liwanag kang dagling sumilaw
sa aking mga mata

linilingon, sinusundan
dumadalas ang minsan
ika'y naryan, abot tanaw
kahit walang dahilan

(maiiwasan ba) ang bawat sandaling ika'y laman ng isip ko
(maiiwasan bang) ngayo'y lilipas ng hindi kita nasisilayan
(magkamali sa'yo) nararapat bang pigilan ang damdamin na
(maiiwasan bang) lalong mahulog sa iyo

walang maitutulad sa sumpang iyong linikha
putulin man ang tali ay sadyang walang kawala

sa pagkaakit, at di paglapit
nananalangin, at umaasang

(maiiwasan ba) ang bawat sandaling ika'y laman ng isip ko
(maiiwasan bang) ngayo'y lilipas ng hindi kita nasisilayan
(magkamali sa'yo) nararapat bang pigilan ang damdamin na
(maiiwasan bang) lalong mahulog sa iyo

hindi padadala
hinding hindi padadala
hindi padadala

Asa pa...

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Why Three Women - One Married - chose Celibacy

*Title of an article in a magazine with Anne Curtis on the cover which I saw in 711 Arnaiz whose title I forgot because I was too drunk for my memory to function properly.

The summer of `02 is definitely one of the best times a had in UPLB, in my whole life, even. I moved out of the dorm to my own apartment with Berong and Van. No curfews, no rules and regulations, no GUARDIANS. It was total freedom for the very first time.

I took History II and Math 26 [which I failed the previous semester because of excessive absences]. Van took Math 17 and Comm II. Beron was working on his thesis on agricultural landscape. Astro wasn't registered but he visisted me at least once a week [sweet shit].

Van and I became inseparable - the dynamic duo, the partners-in-crime. Sex, weeds and alcohol were the ingredients of our daily routine. We attended our classes, of course. [I got a 2.25 in History and 1.75 in Math] We arranged for the same schedule, 8:30 to 11:30 AM and 1:00 to 4:00 PM. We had so much time for extracurriculars.

One rare sober night, while eating our staple food SPAM, Lucky Me Chicken Noodles with egg and rice, our mature selves surfaced and we found ourselves discussing the consequences of our actions and how we would react.

A woman becomes pregnant when a baby develops inside her. Babies come from the fertilization of a sperm cell and an egg cell. A sperm cell and an egg cell becomes acquainted when a male inserts his genitalia to a female genitalia. The insertion occurs during sexual intercouse, more commonly tagged as sex.

"What if we get pregnant? What would we do?"

I remember answering without batting an eye, "Pretend it never happened, of course. We CAN'T get pregnant. We'll find a way to solve the situation." Van agreed without hesitation.

September that same year, we weren't seeing each other that much anymore. After summer, she moved out to live with her best friend Mabel and Anna moved in. Summer was a temporary arrangement since both Mabel and Anna didn't take summer classes.

Van has just celebrated her 18th birthday with a drinking frenzy at our niche Leandro's when she came rushing to me. Her pregnancy test showed two lines.

I was working at Panicles Bar that time so I didn't have the time to accompany her to an OB-GYN. Luckily, Van's ninang and my kinakapatid/soulmate Rozl did. One trip to the doctor confirmed our worst fears. Van was pregnant.

She was almost two months on the way and she was on alcohol and cigarettes prior to the discovery.

"If you push through with the pregnancy, the baby might suffer from the effects of your gimiks."

But no, Van refused to address "it" as THE baby anymore. "It" was HER baby and months later, "it" became a she. Van said she felt an indescribable motherly bond with her baby and she didn't have the heart to get rid of her.

I still couldn't understand what Van claimed she felt but whenever I see how happy she is now, I sense an inkling. I wouldn't be introduced to that feeling anytime soon, though. How can I be a hundred percent certain?

Abstinence, pare. Only St. Anne was capable of Immaculate Conception.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fly Girl

Far as I can remember, it all started at Krua Thai. I have just had one of the most delicious and satisfying meals ever.

Gracie, Lara and I went to the washroom. It's a girl thing, boys.

I received a call from my dear Mark. Being the telebabad addict I am, I didn't hang up even while relieving myself. I turned the loudspeaker on and carried our conversation on.

We went to Watson's to grab some necessities. Then, on to the department store we went to grab some summer paraphernalia. Caprice is a sin, I tell you. I don't think it's a sickness nor a psychological defect. It's an innate characteristic beyond treatment nor modulation.

Archie and I walked to Watering Hole for a couple of bottles but twas full. We just hanged out a bit while I burned some sticks then went home.

At home, I fitted the funky shades I scored for a hundred bucks. While I turned and inspected the look from every angle, my line of sight navigated downstairs.

My pants were unzipped, the whole length of the zipper. My fuschia pink string thongs were revealed for all the world to see.

It's one of those moments I thank God I have a pretty face. People don't bother to gimme a head-to-foot. Their stare lingers on my face. [I friggin' hope]

Take my advice. Next time you go to the washroom, FOCUS. Double check if you must.

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Heat Stroke

I can smell summer.
Can you?


Can you smell it?

                  It's right under your nose.

                                      Stick out your tongue.
                                      You can taste it, too.

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Friday, March 18, 2005


What: CALIENTE: MODELS Org U.P's fashion show and RACKiSta ext. gig

When: MARCH 19 (Sabado) 1930 hours

Where: Racks, El Pueblo, Ortigas Center, Pasig

Sultans of Snap
LOQUY <== stig! \m/ [kevin roy unplugged]
Bobby Parks Movement

Event will be covered by MTV Philippines and Seventeen Magazine.


Please email me at or leave me a message on YM at ID: skirts_are_for_flirts with your mobile number if you're interested in going so you wouldn't have to be agitated about going by yourself, just in case.^_^

P.S. Cheer up, Kassy!^_^

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Nainis ako ng todo sa Cable Car kagabi.

Adik na adik ako sa videoke kase dito lang ako nagkakaroon ng lakas ng loob na kumanta sa harap ng ibang tao. Kadalasan kase, full force lang ang birit ko sa bahay `pag home alone ako at naka-full blast ang volume. Mabuti nang magreklamo ang kapitbahay sa lakas ng tugtog kaysa magreklamo sila kase tila humahagulgol ako. Wala pa naman nagrereklamo kase siguro astig naman yung pinapatugtog ko at masaya na sila sa libreng pakikinig.

Natuwa ako at si Berong nang makita namin na nasa listahan na ang My Boo. Alicia at Usher sana ang drama naming dalawa.

Pinindot ni Berong ang 8089 tapos ay nagulog ng limang piso. Panlima pa sa pila ang kanta namin. Ayuss lang, sulit naman ang paghihintay. Nauna na naming ipinasok ang Burn.

Sa Burn pa lang, medyo na-bwiset na `ko kase buraot yung mga nasa kabilang mesa. Kame na nga ni Berong ang may hawak ng mic, kanta pa rin sila ng kanta na parang naka-megaphone. Hindi ba nila alam na sa Videoke, bawal kumanta ng mas malakas pa sa may hawak ng mic?! Konting respeto naman, limang piso namin yun, hayaan na nilang maging masaya kame.

May nasingit silang kanta kaya ibinigay na muna namin ang mic.

Paglabas ng My Boo, excited na kame ni Berong. Kinukuha ko yung mic nung sagutin ako nung mga buraot na nasa kabilang mesa na kanta daw nila yun. Buti na lang, masaya ako sa palda at sapatos ko - girl na girl, kunyari `di makabasag platong Maria Clara. Hinayaan ko na lang.

Nung malaman ni Dan, nagpumilit s`yang agawin yung mic pero pinigilan ko na. "Hayaan mo na", sabi ko, "Sa mundong `to, meron talagang mga pinanganak na walang konsiderasyon sa kapwa. Sa halagang limang piso, bababa ka ba sa uri nila?"

Yun nga lang, nasira na yung mood namin ni Berong. Ayaw na namin kumanta. Baka kase sa susunod na kanta at agawin nilang muli, ipulupot ko sa leeg nila yung kurdon ng mic bago sila pagsasampalin ng pasala-sala.

Sabi nga ng Spongecola:

Kailangan lang pagbigyan. KULANG LANG SA PANSIN.

Siguro kagabi lang nakakanta sa harap ng maraming tao yung mga buraot na kumag na yun kaya sinugapa na nila.

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Floi: Alcohol

Boy, Am I surprised. Not!


?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Remember my Floi and Vodka photo on Friendster? Goes to show how well I know myself. Tee-hee...

They don't call me fLoi enjoy for nothin'.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Getting Off Stilletos

It's my first time to wear flats to work today and, while scrutinizing myself on the full-length mirror before leaving the house, I was struck with the most frustrating realization.

My legs look fat without heels.

Oh, bummer. What to do now.

I was enjoying the feeling of walking in the clouds but my calves are quite spoilers like lightning.

In the name of fashion => flats + slacks ^ stilletos + skirts.


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Ultimate Freaky Song: Nobody

Always gets me in the mood...

I want to tease you, I want to please you
I want to show you, baby, that I need you
I want your body 'till the very last drop
I want you to holler, when you want me to stop

And who can love you like me (nobody)
Who can sex you like me (nobody)
Who can treat you like me now, baby (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And who can do it like me (nobody)
And who can give you what you need (nobody)
Who can do you all night long (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)

I want the night, for me and you
So come here baby, and let me do it to you
Don't be afraid, 'cause I won't bite
I promise to give it to you
Just the way you like

And who can love you like me (nobody)
Who can sex you like me (nobody)
Who can lay your body down (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And who can treat you like me (nobody)
Who can give you what you need (nobody)
And who can do you all night long (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And the band keeps playing on

On, on, on, and on, on...
Nobody, baby
On, on, on, and on, on...
Nobody baby
Come on
On, no, on, and on, on...
Nobody baby

I want you, right now for my lover, oh yes I do
Place no one above you, oh yes I do
If you need love, I'll be right, baby
I'll be right there, baby, oh yes I will
Oh yes I will baby
Oh yes I will baby

And who will love you like me (nobody)
Who can sex your body like me baby (nobody)
Who can do it like me, baby (nobody)
No, no, no (nobody)
Who can lay you down just like me (nobody)
Who can kiss you all over your body, baby (nobody)
I'm gonna caress your body

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ong Back [to you]

Was I drunk? dreaming? hallucinating?

Or did I actually saw a billboard of Ong Bak to be shown on April 13 in Cinemas by the Magallanes bus stop?

Almost one year. Almost one year.

History repeats itself.

Nah, that only happens to losers and I'm not one. Am I?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Shut Up & Listen

If you gave me the 5 minutes I required to report and explain myself, you wouldn't have to spend 10 minutes making things complicated by telling me, "Please, I don't have time for this" and by saying everything I have to say which I think I would've presented in a more comprehensible way.

You would've saved me from smelling your stinking breath and from making me look stupid by seeming not to think what you thought.

There. Now, I can go back to work.

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Career-Careeran [Pseudo-Career]

Everytime I feel stressed at work, I think of that spoof Gracie and I came up with on the Stresstabs ad on TV.

Floi: Mukha pa ba `kong 25?
Gracie: Oo naman noh!
Floi: Nakanampooch! Eh 20 lang ako noh!>_<

Today marks my first year of existence in the corporate world. Today marks my first year of being a yuppie. Today marks my first year of being a career woman.

I celebrate this day by drafting my resignation letter. Yebah!

Eff! I'm too young for this kind of stress and pressure. I'm going back to school.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

No Substitute

Floi & Cha being retarded at 65B

You'd think with all the fun I'm having with my life right now, I won't have any time to miss anyone. I dooooooooo!!!

I miss Rozl now more than ever. But, part of loving someone is letting her go, right?

I'm leaving her in God's hands now. That's where she chose to be and I'll support her every step of the way.

P.S. Lady I'm with in the pictures is Cha, not Rozl. I'm weird that way - posting someone's picture but talking `bout someone else.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

A Classic Line for Modern Times

"Perhaps after all our worries and questions, we’ll discover that all along God had the right thing at the right time for us. Perhaps His plan is more wonderful than anything we could create by ourselves - whether it comes with 'pomp and blare,' or quietly, 'like an old friend.' Perhaps... perhaps... we should entrust our questions of 'How?' and 'Who?' and 'When?' into His tender care."

- from the movie "Boy Meets Girl"

Million $$$ Baby tonight. Mahusgahan na.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

From 65B to Temple

Last Saturday night was... unforgettable.

The delay for this post is intentional. I have reason to believe he still reads this blog [don't you?] and I bet he checked last Sunday if I bitched about what happened yet. Weren't you just disappointed, you goosy-goosy you?

First of all, I have nothing to bitch about. I went to the San Beda thingy but nothing of interest took place. I met the newly-survived brods and had the chance to talk to Arnel `bout the Cebu issue and that was pretty much it.

I saw Ludwig. We chatted for a while, mostly `bout Chevy and his cutesy pictures on his Friendster profile. I saw Josef. He's still the cute and sweet brod he has always been. I saw Wencie. He expressed his displease for our picture I posted on Friendster for everyone to see. But, we're good. I saw Cyrus. I asked how Joycee was and he told me Joycee was prolly mad at him for not taking her. I saw Kael. He gave me enlightenment as always. He even brought me a Chupa Chups lollipop from Mini-stop. I saw Al, who made most of the brods upset with him coz he couldn't leave my side [thus, being a MH to Mike]. I think `twas Al I had the longest verbal intercourse with the whole night. He was the only one sensible enough to carry a conversation. I saw Mike, who was obviously drunk. As before, Mike couldn't talk to me without hitting on me. One just has to get used to some things. That night, he did something new. He introduced me to everyone [especially to the new brods with the reminder "O, bawal ligawan yan ha"] as his girlfriend. I didn't antagonize; I didn't want to embarrass him. I just grinned and muttered "Dream on".

Finally, Mike introduced me to this interesting dorky brod who has been making rounds the whole night, collecting payments. Lex. A civil hello was all that was required. Hence, that was all we both gave.

At around 1, I was to meet Edward and Nikko at Temple. Coincidentally, the resident brods were also leaving. There were seven of them. There was only Lex's Mazda. How do you fit an elephant in a refrigator?

They thought I was going home so they cajoled me to get in. Stupid me. I did.

They were supposed to drop me off at Crossing where I can hail a cab. I ended up touring Sampaloc.

Last ones off was Hector and Mike. There we were again - Lex the driver and Floi the passenger. I was... indifferent. Numb, actually.

Thoughts of another girl sitting right where I was played in my head. Thoughts of another girl using the seatbelt. Thoughts of another girl alone in the car with Lex.


The whole three months of being Lex-free went down the drain. I'm back in my desperation.

He dropped me off at GB but part of me wants to go home so we can be together longer. Good for me; the sane part got out of the car before any drama could take place.

I met up with Edward and Nikko and almost instantly forgot about how I got there. In fact, I almost instantly forgot everything that took place before I got there.

No interesting people to see at Temple that night. We were sitting the whole night, chatting about el bajo del sol.

Something strange happened, though. I was on my third drink at Temple - a currant 7 - when I started to feel dizzy. I was thinking I couldn't possibly be drunk. Not even when the two weng-wengs and two bottles of beer I had at 65B are taken into consideration, I couldn't. Damn, I can down 5 weng-wengs at a time and still be on my feet. Chev, isn't weng-weng hekka strong? hihi.

The two wanted me to go with them to Nikko's pad for a joint but my body was protesting. I was already embarking a cab when Edward decided to play tug-o-war. I succeeded and was on my way home.

When I got off in front of our house, I started to smell something fishy coz the driver lingered a bit before heading on. I was walking to the door while fumbling through the mess in my bag for my phone. An alarm was preparing to set off in my head.

The moment I got to my room, I emptied my bag but my beloved blue baby was nowhere in sight. [Where TF?! Not again!] I scurried out of the house to the highway in hopes of flagging down the cab. It was only at that moment that I realized that I didn't get a cab from the station so I wasn't presented with the tiny piece of brown paper containing the cab's info.

My angel may have been with me. The first cab that passed by WAS the same cab. Lucky me; the driver pulled over. I practically snatched the phone [already switched off] from his extended hand and walked home.

That wasn't the end of it.

I couldn't walk the stairs to my room anymore so I flopped on the living room couch. The world was spinning. I ran to the bathroom. Normally, I would've been relieved after vomitting once. But it took me three trips to the bathroom before eventually passing out.

I passed out on the bathroom floor. Shame. Pop saw me in the morning and settled me on their bed. I was asleep until 5pm and still felt queasy and nauseous at work on Monday.

I have a theory that I may have been drugged. Y'know, one of those jagged little pills slipped into my drink. But no, I wouldn't want to think Edward would do such a thing. Would he? He has been coveting me since... we met.

Maybe. Or could've been what Pink said. Lex is just like a pill; instead of making me better, he keeps making me sick.

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Million Dollar Question

Could you look me in the eye and tell me that you're happy now?

This is what we singletons would like to ask our ex/es who left us for another but never had the guts to in fear of getting an affirmative answer.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Breaking the Controversy

After almost a month of mystery, it's about time we appease Tins's curiosity. [hihi]

This was my primary photo on my fLoi enjoy profile in Friendster:

Bastusan - the TGIS way

This was the original pic:

Notice the tiny X I placed where our lips are supposed to graze each other? This is how it looks like when zoomed:

There's about an inch gap!

You see, it was all staged. My leading man was merely my good ol' pal Nog. Tins was right all along - the shadow and sepia effect did the trick.

Why did we do it?

Let's put it this way. I ceased to receive messages from a certain somebody after I posted this pic.

Chevy is waaay envious, though. hahaha

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Friday, March 04, 2005

BF Bonding

Chevy and I had a unique bonding experience today. Boss has a softball game in Alabang so I was free to do work-unrelated work. We were chatting all day until Chevy decided she needed to say hello to the sandman. She still has Friday classes.

Sound trip! Chevy gave me the URL of her favorite San Fran radio station. Strange enough, the station is pretty much like my own favorite local station Wave 89.1. It has the same playlist!

It's such a wonder. Two people on different sides of the planet listening to the same music. Thank God for the Internet.

Listen to it here.

*Twin moment
floicute8 (11:33:10 AM): but everyone's richer than him!
areyou_done (11:33:10 AM): dude, eveyrone is richer than him

Ain't that freaky? Mishu, bf.

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Cosmo Girl!

You scored as Carrie Bradshaw. You're Carrie Bradshaw! You have an upbeat personality and a great love of life. You love your girlfriends, a nite out in New York City and a new pair of shoes. You have all you need in your life right now, and if a guy falls into place, then the more the merrier!

Carrie Bradshaw


Charlotte York


Miranda Hobbs


Samantha Jones


Which of the 4 Sex & the City Gals are YOU?
created with

But I always thought I was more of Samantha! *tantrum* Oh well...

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Arbitrary Issues

• I had a vivid flashback of my Men's Dorm days last night as I was devouring a cup of Nissin's Yakisoba Spicy Chicken while watching the Oscar's on Star Movies. I realized it was the first time I ate one again after leaving UPLB. Instant noodles is a staple food in the dorm, especially during late hours of studying or just hanging out at the Pink Hall.

How I miss that dorm. And the men, of course. hihihi...

• Cha and I have a new hobby in line - Gyrokinesis. It's an integration of the key principles of yoga, tai chi, dance and sports. Sounds like fun, huh? They have classes at the Renaissance Tower in Ortigas so we'll check it out soon.

See you soon, curves! I'm also doing belly dancing at home as instructed by Regine Tolentino and Andrea del Rosario.

• Julie was almost kidnapped last Tuesday by her purportedly ideal boyfriend. The moron eventually became obssessed with my dear friend. Goes to show how hard it is to be too damn pretty in this society. TGIS has a Figaro session tonight for the whole story.

• I got invited to this San Beda thingy on Saturday. They obviously missed me. To go or to go. I wanna but I don't at the back of my mind. Am I ready to come face-to-face with The again?

Also got invited to an acoustic thingy by the LC on Friday. Fowerfupp might drop by then take off somewhere more civilized after. hehe [mishu awready, Danilyn!]

• I can feel Maui Taylor's bereavement. All four of her litter are with God now. Pity that meow-meow; her mammary glands are turning purple with milk.

• The saddest thing happened. Bayo Shangri-la closed for good! Now I have to go to Mega for my Bayo window shopping.

I'm basically, fundamentally, essentially a Bayo and Freeway girl. Simple clothing designs pero rock.^_^

• Im'a chop off my mane. Since long hair adds to sex appeal, I have come to the decision of cutting my attraction level down. I initially considered getting a "she-bangs" `do ala Rica Peralejo but I realized it'll be high maintenance for my fast-paced lifestyle. Darlene inspired me to get a perm but my hair is too worn out for another chemical treatment. I think I'll just settle for a classic bob. We'll see.

*.* as if! @ 1:44:00 PM • • RBJ

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Narinig Mo na ba ang L8est?

In this movie, Joyce Jimenez plays a character whose careless ways make people think that she's a brainless bimbo. She's very outright about her love for her, er, lovers.

In my reality, it isn't surprising that people would speculate the same.

I'm no closet slut who projects the image of the Immaculate Mary. Quite the opposite, I'm a closet virgin who projects the image of an easy-going nympho.

I hold no reservations in coital discussions; hence, the tag "sex guru". Well, one doesn't have to experience to know. Two years "subscription" to FHM is more than enough. Get into reading! That paired with common sense makes my excellent sexcyclopedia.

Here's the story.

I've been to 65B merely thrice upon returning from Cebu because

a.) work has been terribly stressful that I just want to fall flat in bed at the end of the day and

b.) I've started to hear some buzz about Lex and me spending our last night together in Cebu which, by the way, is just that - spending the night together. No hanky-panky whatsoever. Ariane was with us the whole time!

Last Friday, I went to 65B for Len's farewell party. [She left for Singapore yesterday] Apparently, Bobby Borbon confronted Len with the nasty rumor through SMS, which Len relayed to Cha.

The SMS went something like "Sis, nung sa Cebu ba, was there ever a time na nagkahiwalay si Floi and Cha? Kase kumakalat na pinilahan daw si Floi ng tatlong San Beda brods at Floi pa daw and nagpareserve ng kwarto. Bakit hindi na sya pumupunta ng 65B? Baka kase nahihiya."

To Chevy, Jennifer and non-Filipino readers: "Sis, was there ever a time in Cebu that Floi and Cha got separated? There's a rumor spreading that three San Beda brods lined up for Floi and Floi even reserved the hotel room. Why doesn't she go to 65B anymore? Coz she might be embarrased."

When Cha told me this, I think she expected me to cry or something. Heck, I laughed like hell `bout it! That's the funniest, not to mention the most flattering, thing that ever happened to me ever since I was introduced to Manila [and non-UP] Betans [and Sigmans].

I don't find it insulting at all. Why? Respect is only how we regard ourselves. So what if they don't respect me; I respect myself and that's all that matters. I still respect them, though. I won't stoop to their level.

Love me or hate me. Either way, they think of and talk about me. They must be pretty intimidated with my beauty to resort to slander. They also must consider me some sex goddess to be able to take on three different guys in one single night. I consider it a compliment. Thank you very much. Now, I wonder who those three are.

Wait, I did take on three guys in a night in Cebu. There were Mike, Ludwig and Lex. But no, much to your disappointment, we didn't engage in a sexcapade. Kalye 70's, fireworks and first fellowship. Haba ng hair ko.

Don't hate me because I'm pretty and I have a strong sex appeal. Hating me won't make you any better; it only shows your envy.

Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about events. Great minds talk about ideas. Minds who talk about Floi need to get a life.

This is the price to pay for being popular. Pshhh.

Tangina. Ayuss, sarap pala pulutan sa 65B eh. Ako. Hahaha.

*.* as if! @ 4:07:00 PM • • RBJ


I'll be seeing you. Goodnight.

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Airplanes take you away again
Are you flying
Above where we live?
Then I look up a glare in my eyes
Are you having regrets about last night?
I'm not but I like rivers that rush in
So then I dove in
Is there trouble ahead
For you the acrobat?
I won't push you unless you have a net

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite
I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl only sleeps with butterflies
With butterflies
So go on and fly then boy

Look good from on the ground
I fear with pins and needles around
We may fall then stumble
Upon a carousel
It could take us anywhere

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite
I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl, this girl

You say the word
You know I will find you
Or if you need some time
I don't mind
I don't hold on
To the tail of your kite
I'm not like the girls that you've known
But I believe I'm worth coming home to
Kiss away night
This girl only sleeps with butterflies
With butterflies
With butterflies
So go on and fly boy

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